Celebratory Gift Set (Snacks edition)

Sale price$34.80

From now till 1st July, enjoy 15% off all Celebratory Gift Set orders. 

For our cherished parents, we understand the excitement of sharing the arrival of your precious bundle of joy, celebrate with us with our Celebratory gift set! 

Celebratory Gift Set (Snacks edition) includes: 

-2 Red Eggs

-2 Ang Ku Kueh (for girl) / Ang Ee (for boy)

-1 Glutinous Rice

-1 Gift Sized Snack (SOICOCO EXCLUSIVE) 

(TEMPEH Series/ EMPI Series / CORN Series )

*A minimum of 10 boxes needed. 


Once order has been made, kindly email us the following details to orders@soicoco.com 

  1. Name:
  2. Sleeve Pattern: Fantasy Dragon / Whimsical Carousell
  3. Gender: 
  4. Message to include in the card:
  5. High resolution of baby photo (optional)

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