Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

In here we try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions!

1. What is the shelf-life of the puddings?

Shelf-life of our coco-pudding is 4 days under proper storage conditions.


2. What is the shelf-life of the shakes?

Shelf-life of our coco-shake is 2 days under proper storage conditions.


3. Is it vegan friendly?

Yes! No animal/animal by-products are included in our coco-desserts.


4. Does it contain any dairy?

No! It's dairy-free! :)


5. Does it contain gelatin?

No. Our coco-desserts do not contain any gelatin.


6. Does your puddings come with brown sprinkles for the pudding?

Yes! Those brown sprinkles are our Organic Gula Melaka and a sachet is included with each box.


7. How do I go about ordering?

Visit us at during our sales!

Watch out for our sales announcements on Instagram.


8. I managed to secure an order! How long do I have to wait?

Yay! Congratulations! All our puddings are handcrafted and, with current high volume of orders, we take up to 7 working days to get them to you. We currently do not support real time updates of shipping and hence your shipping notice may come after your puddings have arrived in your hands.

 *Kindly take note that due to peak season, all CNY orders will take up to 14 days to be fulfilled. 

9. My puddings arrived warm! Is that normal?

Yes! We handcraft our puddings multiple times a day and it is perfectly normal to arrive warm. Once you receive them, take them out of the box and chill them in the fridge.


10. Shop is sold out, what do I do?

Join our waiting list to gain priority access to our time-limited wait list sales! Link:


11. Can I order via other methods?

No. Due to the high volume of orders, we currently only accept orders via our online shop to ensure fairness to all customers.



12. I have made an order but I am back at work and no one is home to receive, what do I do?

Drop us an email after securing your order to let us know what time periods we should avoid sending. Our team will try our best to accommodate to your request where possible.


13. Where do I ask a question?

Send an email to or send us a message via our contact form :)