Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is the shelf-life of the puddings?

Shelf-life of our coco-pudding is 4 days under proper storage conditions.

 2. What is the shelf-life of the shakes?

Shelf-life of our coco-shake is 2 days under proper storage conditions.

3. Is it vegan friendly?

Yes! No animal/animal by-products are included in our coco-desserts.

4. Does it contain any dairy?

No! It's dairy-free! :)

5. Does it contain gelatin?

No. Our coco-desserts do not contain any gelatin.

6. Does your puddings come with brown sprinkles for the pudding?

Yes! Those brown sprinkles are our Organic Gula Melaka and a sachet is included with each box.

7. My puddings arrived warm! Is that normal?

Yes! We handcraft our puddings multiple times a day and it is perfectly normal to arrive warm. Once you receive them, take them out of the box and chill them in the fridge.